Aequitas Legal

Aequitas Intellectual Property Services (Private) Limited [“AIPS”] is the intellectual property services arm of Aequitas Legal. AIPS provides comprehensive advice on the application and registration process for the registration of intellectual property rights, including patent, trademark and industrial design rights, at the National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka, and functions as Patent and Trademark Agents, handling the entire registration process on behalf of the holders of intellectual property rights. In this connection, AIPS, inter alia, carries out file searches at the National Intellectual Property Office and compiles search reports, prepares and submits applications for the registration of Patents, Trademarks and industrial Designs and follows-up on such applications. Through its association with Aequitas Legal, AIPS is able to handle on behalf of its clients and advice its clients on all legal issues that may arise during the registration process, including refusals by the Director of Intellectual Property to register IP rights and third-party oppositions to registration.

ACS is managed by its Board of Directors, Mr. Keshan Thalgahagoda, Mr. Ranil Prematilleke and Mr. Rohan Dunuwille, the founding Partners of Aequitas Legal.

For inquiries regarding the services provided by AIPS, please contact Mr. Keshan Thalgahagoda on +94777374227 or at [email protected]

Communications to AIPS should be addressed to:

173/2A, Vijaya Kumaratunga Mawatha
Colombo 5

Tel: +94 114 061665, +94 114 061664
E-mail: [email protected]